Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What Do Owls, Flamingos and Ice Cream Cones Have In Common?

Two things, actually: They're all *AWESOME* (obviously!) ...and... they're all part of Eyelet Outlet's new collection of jaw-droppingly adorable flatback resin embellishments! Hey there, it's Lauren here again, and as you can tell I'm pretty excited about these guys, so I'm going to start showing my cards right now:

Owls are famous for being wise, but Eyelet Outlet's Green Flatback Resin Owls are also pretty darned cute, don't you think? Whooooooooooooo could resist making anniversary cards that feature these guys? Not me, that's for sure! I've teamed them up with some Heart Brads and Heart Pearl Brads, just to emphasize the "love" in "Love, OWL-ways".

As fabulous as owls are, my favorite flying creature is still the flamingo... Let's face it, there's nothing cooler than a bird who's HOT PINK, as this Flamingo Flatback Resin proves quite conclusively:

A few Cloud Brads can't diminish the rays from my heart-shaped sunshine, in fact they make it even more lovely, especially when they're all floating in a watercolor sky!

Finally, we've come to my very VERY favorite embellishment (at least this week, lol!) the Ice Cream Flatback Resins! The detail on these is superb... they have textured cones, sprinkles, and even a cherry on top! What more could you ask for?

I've set them off with a few Eyelet Outlet White Paper Flowers adorned with Cherry Brads, between a couple of strips of Music Note Washi Tape. Can you spot the other tape I've used here? It's kind of subtle, but I love the shine that my scalloppy borders of Pink and White Dotted Foil Washi Tape give to the embellished panel. (Yes, I still use the Scallop Deco Scissors I bought when I first started papercrafting, years and years ago, lol!) One more Heart Brad sets off my stamped and colored sentiment.

Which of the brand new Eyelet Outlet Flatback Resin Collection is your favorite design? Is it one that I've used here, or one of the others in the shop, like the yummy Cupcakes, adorable Monkeys, or super-fun Schoolbuses? Tell me in the comments, or better yet, leave a link to your own creations! ♥

My name's Lauren, I love nearly everything that's pink (especially ice cream and flamingos!) 
and I really love making cards for my friends and family; 
I also love crafty friends, so I hope you'll stop by my blog, 


  1. Awesome cards Lauren! I love your designs and use of watercolors.

  2. Love these new resins...you sure know how to make them sing!