Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Deck the Halls

Warm winter greetings, Eyelet Outlet fans, it's Lauren here with a super-fast project that would make a great last minute holiday gift OR maybe a bit of decor for your own home?

When I found these triangular balsa wood trees in the clearance section of a big box crafting store, I immediately pictured them covered in Eyelet Outlet Paper FlowersSwirl Bling and Bumpy Heart Bling, and I seriously could not get them into my cart fast enough! Of course, if you have the tools, they'd be easy to create from scrap wood. For that matter, a few pieces of nice thick cardboard cut into triangles would work equally well; you could even draw some triangular shapes on a card or canvas and make the surrounding areas "background"! Whatever materials you choose, the method will be the same:

Cover your triangles with torn scraps of sheet music, text paper, old dictionary pages, etc. Use a high quality gluestick to get thorough, edge-to-edge coverage on your papers, and if you're working with 3D wooden shapes, a little coat of gluestick on the wood, as well, gives you extra adherence. Wrap the papers around the sides, the back, and onto the base, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles as you go. When your trees are covered, decide where you'd like to place your embellished Paper Flower stacks. This will help determine where your doilies should go... if you're using doilies, that is! To adhere doilies or any lacy, fragile items, use the gluestick again, but apply with an up and down "dabbing" motion, since sliding the gluestick can result in tearing the paper. Add the paper flowers strategically, so they will become the focal point of each tree. Since each Eyelet Outlet Solid Color Paper Flower Pack has forty flowers, in three graduated sizes, you'll be able to make each stack multi-layered. Place a Bumpy Heart Jewel in the center of each stack. Finally, add Clear Swirl Bling around the flowers for maximum drama. I love that these come on a clear plastic backing sheet, which makes it easy for me to move them around before deciding exactly where they should go. Feel free to trim or rearrange bits of the flourishes to fit your design better!

Not a big fan of collage? Cover your trees with patterned paper, giftwrap, paint or Holiday Washi Tape! Then fancy them up with flowersbling, pearls, brads or... well, whatever Eyelet Outlet embellishments you love most!

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice or Festivus, I wish you a wonderful weekend full of family, friends and maybe even a handmade gift or two! ♥♥♥

Lauren Bergold's husband is lobbying strongly to keep these embellished trees at their house... 
and she's pretty sure he will be successful in this! :)

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