Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thank You BEAR-y Much

Hi guys, it's Lauren here, with a fun idea inspired by these adorable Eyelet Outlet Winter Animal Brads. I'm planning to use this as a thank you note for some cool holiday gifts I received, but it would work for any wintery occasion.

I love that each packet of Winter Animal Brads contains white bears, brown bears and super-cute penguins!

For this card, I've made two of the white bears adornments for a pair of mittens I've constructed from a bit of plaid paper I hand-painted using my favorite watercolor pigment powders. I used a piece of clipart for the shape, and cut the two mittens back-to-back with scissors so that i'd have a right and left hand to use on my card. I added White Glitter Enamel Dots to the cuffs and a piece of yarn to bump up the texture factor.

A computer generated sentiment and a few white Heart Brads finish off the design. And now I'll just wish you a BEAR-y Happy New Year... see you in 2017! ♥♥♥

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