Monday, February 13, 2017

Make a Memory Last

Make a memory last...
and bring it back to life with brads and washi tape from Eyelet Outlet~
Here, two of my nieces got their ears pierced!
Along with a snuggly teddy bear!

I added Teddy Bear Brads in Brown and Pink to keep it playful...and to give a tribute to the teddy they each held as they went through the piercing process!

With so many colors, patterns and sizes of washi tape,
you can easily coordinate with the colors in your picture or the colors of your papers!

that coordinated with their shirts and purse.

What a great memory between sisters!
And with this scrapbook page, they will be able to enjoy rehashing all the excitement, drama, and love!    I used a heart brad to add a bit of interest to that boring corner!

The paw prints can be found at EZ Laser Designs.

Thanks so much for taking a walk down memory lane.
Be sure to browse through our many brads and tape to find just the right embellishment
for your special memories!

Dawn Mercedes. of Sunnyside Up


  1. Awesome layout Dawn! Love those teddy bears, so cute!

  2. What a great layout! I love how you used the Washi tape! And those teddy bears...adorable. What a perfect finishing touch...the heart! Love it!

  3. oh my gosh, i can't decide who's cuter: those adorable nieces or the SUPER-CUTE teddy bear brads?! i think it might be a tie!!! <3