Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wet Your Whiskers!

How many of you are avid football fans, ready for the BIG game tomorrow?!  We're much more into college football than pro, although we will definitely watch the game, as much for the commercials as for the football!  

We usually keep our game day menu very wings with lots of extra hot sauce, beer (hard cider for us gluten-free folks, and water too),  pretzels, a veggie platter and some cookies.

I've had these mustache brads in my stash for a while and have been contemplating what I wanted to use them for.  Aren't they cute?!  I love that the package comes with regular and "handlebar" mustaches!  (My friend, Cres, has a big red handlebar mustache!) 

I decided to make a few game day bottle neck tags printed with an Old West, Texas saloon-style font and accented with skinny ribbon "bow ties."  I kept them super simple (when you're making multiples, less is more, right?!), left them short so the bottle labels aren't covered and so they won't get wet and soggy when the bottles are partially submerged in ice.

These are just a little something fun for the game without the complication of team colors and all that!  They'd also make cute birthday, bachelor party or wedding favors.  With all of our cute embellishments, it would be easy to change 'em up to fit a theme for the girls, too.

Enjoy the game!  I'm hoping for some great commercials and a close score!  For once I don't really care that much who wins!