Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Dozen Mini Thank You's!

Hello Everyone,

Today I want to show you how quick and easy you can whip up a dozen beautiful cards with the help of some of our gorgeous embellishments. I chose to make these "Thank You" themed, but this can be done for any theme that you might need multiple cards for in a hurry.
The card base is 4" x 8" and the tops are 3 1/2" x 3 1/2". I used 2 stamp sets, black & white cardstock/ink and a variety of our awesome bling! I created 6 designs but by choosing to do them one in black on white and then one in white on black I had 12 beautiful cards in no time ;O) I love how simply reversing the black and white makes the pair look so different and showcases the embellishments differently as well.

The first set were embellished with the gorgeous Purple Swirl Bling Jewels

The second set were embellished with with my absolute favorite embellishment from the store - Green Pearl Bling Strips

The third set were embellished with some fun Green Enamel Dots  

The fourth set were embellished with some fun Light Pink Enamel Dots

The fifth set were embellished with some of our beautiful Blue Skinny Washi Tape (our Washi Tape comes in many different widths, finishes and patterns)

The last set were embellished with our Green Skinny Washi Tape which comes in a 3 pack containing blue (shown above) and purple.

Well I hope you've enjoyed todays project and that it's inspired you to create something of your own. 

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Thanks for stopping by, have a safe & creative day Everyone!


  1. Wow all 12 are beautiful, I love all the different ways you found to embellish those cards.

    1. Thanks Barbara! It was a lot of fun using so many different embellishments at once😉

  2. holy WOW! 12 gorgeous cards?!?!? you win the record for most items in one post i think!!!! :)