Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gnomes For Fun Cards!

Hello Eyelet Outlet Fans!  Can you believe that graduation season is nearly upon us?!  I've got a fun graduation card to show you today featuring Eyelet Outlet Gnome Brads!  Gnomes on a Graduation card?  You read correctly!

These little guys are imitating the Seven Dwarfs as they sing a tune to the graduate that we all know well!  Time to leave college life behind and start working off those student loans!

Our little Gnomes/Dwarfs also make a wonderful Get Well card if you have a friend who's feeling a little "Sneezy!"

Thanks so much for stopping by today and be sure to visit where you'll find the largest variety of eyelets, brads and washi tape on the web!


  1. Susan these are great! Love how you used those gnomes for two very different themed cards and made them work so perfectly on both😉

  2. Gnomes, I love Gnomes. Such fun cards!

  3. Oh my goodness, these is just adorable. What fun cards. Just proves gnomes are for all occasions.

  4. omg! sooooooooooooo cute and clever!!!!! <3