Monday, May 8, 2017

Sew in Love with Eyelet Outlet!

 This weekend, we are in Novi, MI
Three days of shopping and cropping with your favorite pals!
Be sure to stop by our booth!!

Here's a card for someone who sews!
washi tape

We also carry Dress Form brads...
which you might be interested in as well!

or...if you need an idea for Father's Day, this measuring tape washi does double duty!

Pair it with our construction brads;

Thanks for visiting today!
Dawn Mercedes, of  Sunnyside Up blog


  1. Both cards are so eye catching, Dawn. Love them! I missed the dress forms in the store! I just received an order today...looks like a wish list is already starting,LOL

  2. Both of these cards are fantastic Dawn!

  3. SEW in love with this amazing card, missus! <3

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