Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Post With the Most

Don't get me wrong, I (Lauren) love technology, but there's something about finding an actual card or letter in the mailbox that makes the whole day brighter, don't you think? I love to send snail mail to my friends and family, especially cards! So I was pretty excited when I saw these Eyelet Outlet Mail Brads:

And I really love that each packet contains both mailboxes and envelopes!

Speaking of envelopes, I've become somewhat obsessed with making my own custom ones, that match my cards! And my favorite decoration for them is (of course) Washi Tape

In this case, I've used the same mixture of tapes on both my card and the matching envelope: Red White and Blue Striped WashiAir Mail WashiSkinny Heart WashiGold Script Tape and my favorite Hearts Tape. I've used them in straight lines on the card, to highlight the focal image with the Mail Brads on it; but placed them at a diagonal on the envelope, to add extra interest to the vintage dictionary paper. 

I've placed the Red White and Blue Striped Washi, around the edges of a pale blue cardstock panel on both the card and the address label, and trimmed it to slightly less than half its normal width... to mimic the look of old-time airmail envelopes.

A few hand-cut hearts and a label-maker sentiment seemed to enhance the nostalgic mood, and instantly we're back to the 1970's, when this lovely old eight cent stamp could transport your kind thoughts across town or country!

I hope you'll be inspired to make-- and MAIL-- a card to someone special today. Need more inspiration? Scroll down and see what Carri has cooked up for you! ♥

When not waiting by her mailbox, 


  1. I love this card! It filled me with such great memories, Lauren! My uncle was a letter carrier and I loved it when he'd let me tag along fora few blocks when I was a little girl!! That's totally him on that 8 cent stamp! ❤️

  2. Oh...I didn't know we had to actually mail the cards we make!! But seriously, I seriously love this card! I just don't know where to begin with my favorites aspects of this card...everything is my favorite. And I seriously love that envelope, too! Can that go through the mail? If so, I have to start doing that, too! Then maybe I will actually mail the cards.