Saturday, October 14, 2017

Chicken Crossing

"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Well, it's Kim from Katydid Cards with you today to share a card that takes a look at that age-old question...from the chicken's perspective!  The star of the show is the Chicken Brads.

I hope their dream comes true!

This card was created by modifying a Standing Easel Card.  I simply adjusted the position of the folds and also traced around the top half of the street sign so it would pop up.  The card folds flat for mailing:

The background was created by sponging with Distress Inks on white cardstock.  After it dried thoroughly, I embossed it with the Cloudy Day embossing folder.  I added the Sun brad in the corner to break up the empty space.  I added a grassy border to soften the edge of the card.  Looking at it again when it's folded:

To create the crosswalk, I cut a strip of cardstock and added Glitter Washi Tape in Black and Silver on the diagonal.  I think it worked out rather well!  The greeting was designed to fit in that open area below the crosswalk.  I just kept layering until I was happy with the look and the height.
When you open the card up fully, you see the sentiment inside.

I made another card with the Chicken Brads here and I just had to make another one.  They're so darn cute!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!


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    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! I love those chickens and the eggs, too. I wonder which came