Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Black and White (Again!)

I (Lauren) really thought I was done making Valentines. In fact, I had a totally different plan for this week. And then I sat down with my Eyelet Outlet Tapes and Brads and it turned out I had two more ideas, lol!

My first card features a heart covered with Red Dot Tape, inspired by something I saw on Instagram, in which the artist covered a shape not with neat strips of washi, but little randomly torn segments. It gives a totally different, much more casual look, that I really like. For this method instead of cutting the shape from white cardstock and then covering it with tape, I covered an area of cardstock slightly larger than the heart template I wanted to use, and then traced and cut out the shape after all the tape was applied.

When I had my heart all set to go, I added a glittery "XO" in letter stickers, and made a background using a sort of gridded patterned paper, with strips of Love TapeMusic Tape and Music Note Washi. I don't actually need to mass-produce cards for anything just now, but the next time I do, I want to remember this method because it was easy and fun!

For my second card, I went back to lining the tape up neatly. In this case it's the gorgeous wide Butterfly Music Washi, and instead of placing the strips of tape right next to each other, I left a gap between each segment about the same size as the gap between the lines of notes on the tape itself. For my sentiment I found the perfect pre-made journaling card, which I trimmed down a tiny bit, because I didn't want to cover more of the pretty background than I had to, lol! I placed a pink Heart Brad directly over a pink heart that was part of the card's design, then added a Butterfly Brad and a Butterfly Profile for even more texture and interest.

I hope you'll be inspired to look at your tapes differently and try something new! For even more inspiration --up close and personal-- be sure to check out our newly published 2018 Trade Show Schedule on the sidebar to see when Eyelet Outlet will be coming to a town near YOU! ♥

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