Thursday, January 11, 2018

Punny Valentines!

I'll be having friends over for dinner on Valentine's Day and thought it would be fun to place some simple Valentine's cards on their plates.  I love puns and all sorts of play on words, so going with that idea, I opened up my brad organizer and set out to choose a few Eyelet Outlet brads that would go with my theme. 

Guess what!  I couldn't stop!  I ended up with THIRTEEN cute and punny little Valentines!

This was way more than I needed for my dinner party, so I thought of a fun way to share to the love!  My little great niece enjoys crafting and so I made up a "kit" for her to make her own Valentines for her school party.  Using my Cricut and a two layered heart image from the Cake Basics cartridge, I attached the text to the white heart layers and used the print-then-cut feature.  I punched all the holes where the brads will be placed and cut out the red heart frames.  She will match up the brads and stick them on the right cards and then glue on the red heart frame.  

I'll take what I need for my party, and send her a few finished ones and the kit for her create the rest for her class.  I think she's really going to love making them and giving them to her friends at school! I actually thought of quite a few more and I bet you can, too!  I was trying to keep them from sounding too "mushy" though!  😏

Thanks for stopping by today and I'll post links to all the brads I used for today's project below! 

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