Friday, November 8, 2019

A Magical Season

In cardmaking, I've always been inspired by someone or something.  It may be something I've seen in nature, something I've read, something heard/seen on TV, or even some colorful scrapbooking paper!  In this case, it is washi tape; specifically, Glitter Tall Tree Washi Tape - Wide.

The first time I saw it, I was amazed that washi tape could be so magical!  Once put on paper, the forest scene with the snow-covered road, the sunrise, and the tall pine trees comes alive!

I sat down to make a card using the washi tape not knowing how I would use it.  One thing led to another and here's the result:

The Glitter Tall Tree Washi Tape is nearly 1.25" tall, but I wanted to make the trees even taller to make it the feature on the card.  The way to accomplish that is to:

1.  Cut a strip of washi tape and place it on a piece of white paper cut the same width as the card.  Allow for about 4 inches in length although this will be trimmed down later.

2.  Cut a second strip of washi about an inch wider than the original strip.   Cut this strip in half --- the upper portion will be used to extend the trees and the lower portion will not be used at this time.  It's important this cut be accurate and it can be cut on a paper trimmer.

3.  Line up the strips carefully butting up each piece to each other matching the trees.   Avoid overlapping the strips.  Press the seam down to generate a smooth transition between the two strips.  Add another strip in the same manner.

To finish the card, the ends are cut to the width of the card and the top and bottom are cut to the size of the image.  Gray pearl strips are applied to frame out the picture.  In the completed picture above, the picture strip is popped up on matching green cardstock which is cut to desired size.  To complete the card,  Snowflake Bling (1.5") is applied either in full snowflakes or cut in pieces for further effect and a sentiment of choice is added.

This card was so much fun to create.  The washi tape, gray pearl strips, and snowflake bling are inspiring materials to use and led me in a direction that was unexpected!  Create some fun for yourself by taking time to go over to the Eyelet Outlet online shop and find some inspirational embellishments 

Happy Crafting!


  1. Your card is so very special and elegant!!! And thanks for the quick tutorial about slicing and splicing washi tapes together to create a deeper 'picture'!!! Great idea!