Friday, November 29, 2019

Festival of Trees

Today's card is fast, easy, and fun!  It's called A Festival of Trees and perfect for those times when you need a card in a hurry and don't have time to gather together lots of supplies and tools.

What's needed to create this card:  white cardstock, a card base, enamel dots, paper trimmer, and multiple spools of holiday washi tape.  The card above has an inked sky, however, these colorful trees will look just fine on a white background.

Layer the wash tape one above the other on the cardstock (I used a 6x8 inch piece of white cardstock), cut the triangles to the desired size, and determine the placement on the card base.   As a final touch, white glitter enamel dots are added to the sky representing snow and a silver glitter enamel dot is placed on the top of each tree as a tree topper decoration.  It's that simple!

Tips & Tricks

* Ensure each washi  tape is in the correct direction.  It's easy to mistakenly have one upside down.  (I speak from experience!)

* It appears to be more pleasing to the eye to begin with a narrow washi tape followed by a wide washi tape and repeating this pattern over and over.  My best results were using the same narrow washi tape throughout the triangle.

* The card example above uses multi-colored washi tape.  Another idea is to use the washi all in the same colorway contrasted by a different colored narrow washi tape.  Example:  medium to wide washi with predominant red color with a green narrow washi tape in between.

* Less is more....maybe!  This card would also look great with three trees of varying sizes on the left and a large holiday greeting on the right side of the card.  It's not necessary to have trees filling the entire card.

* The sky can be omitted, inked to your choosing, or a patterned paper can be used to represent the sky.  It's your choice and all three options will look fine.

* The triangles don't necessarily need to be exact or perfect.  To make them as symmetrical as possible, I cut a strip to the desired width and length of the tree.  Place a small mark at the top in the middle of the strip (if a 2" tree base, then I marked 1" at the top).  I then used a paper trimmer to cut from the mark at the top to the bottom edge on the right and then repeated this cut on the left.

* The card example above is in landscape orientation, however, portrait orientation can also be used.

As you can see, this card has choices.  Your preferences rule!

Eyelet Outlet is a great source for the washi tape and enamel dots needed to create this card.  Head on over to the Eyelet Outlet online shop and check out the variety won't be disappointed!

Happy Crafting!

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