Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Bring On the Bling!

It's no secret that I (Lauren) looooove Eyelet Outlet Bling... the fancier the better! But this is the first time I've used it to create a compound mandala shape. Pretty sure it will not be the last, however.

I started with an XL (2") Snowflake in the center of my 6" square pan pastel gelprint. At the end of each "arm" of the snowflake, I added one Heart Jewel Bling, facing outwards. Then I placed a smaller 1.5" Snowflake between each pair of hearts, to be like a second round of arms. Finally I added a clear Teardrop Gem at the top of each heart. Et voila!

Remember when I said I was pretty sure you'll see this idea revisited? Well I take it back. Because I'm not pretty sure... I'm positive!

would happily play with 
bling all day long.
(and sometimes does!)

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