Friday, January 24, 2020

Chillin' With You

Today's card entitled "Chillin' With You' is not the typical Valentine's Day card; it has no pink, red, flowers, nor any hearts!  It's a Valentine's card to honor our friendships.


This card, featuring Eyelet Outlet's beautiful penguin and polar bear brads, delivers a simple message:  "I like chillin' with you"! and the inside of the card says "Happy Valentine's Day".

Looking through my stamp sets, I found the sentiment (by Stamps of Life) and thought it was perfect for the penguin to convey his thoughts to the polar bear!  From that point it was easy to create a snowy background with Eyelet Outlet White Pearls and ice glitter (by Stampin' Up).  The pond (by Paper Crafting Essentials stamp) was a great place to complete the scene.  The bow may be omitted or replaced with some cording or baker's twine.   
The penguin and polar bear brads are so much fun to work with!  I am excited to work with them on future cards and encourage everyone to hop on over to the Eyelet Outlet site to pick up their penguins, bears, pearls, and more.   There's still time to create your special Valentine's Friendship cards!
Eyelet Outlet Supplies Used:
Penguin Brad
Polar Bear Brad
White Pearl Strips
Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh Susan- I love this card! What a great non traditional piece. You’re so talented!

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