Friday, July 24, 2020

Grilling and Shish Kebob Fun!

The weather for most of the country has been hot! I secretly love these hot days because I can ask my hubby to do some outdoor cooking and use the heat as an excuse to get out of making the main course!

Eyelet Outlet has released a new brad set today. It's BBQ Brads - Aprons & Grills. There are three different colors of grills and aprons in blue, red and orange. I love that they thought to make an apron orange. It fits with a certain store most of us shop at and coordinates so great with our many tool brads.

My husband loves to spear foods to make shish kebobs and he always kids my son and I that we better like them because they can be used as a weapon! We ALWAYS like his shish kebobs! Ha, ha, ha! When I saw this in the Cricut library, I had to make it! I cut this from red, black and metallic vinyls. I also used the Enamel Dots in Black Matte and two of the Heart Shaped Enamel Dots. I love that there was one that was just the right size to put on the kebob!

Check them out at the store and order yourself at least one of these new sets. Masculine cards can be hard. Eyelet Outlet makes it easy with brads to fit anything your guy is into and you're sure to find some complementary washi tape too.

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