Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Inspired by Real Life

Once again my card inspiration is taken from a clever t-shirt, that I (Lauren) saw, with this sentiment on it. Of course my first thought was, "HEY! I have Eyelet Outlet Llama Brads, plus Llama Tape and even some Caution Tape!" so I figured I could probably whip something up. Like this, maybe?

I formatted the text in a fun free font called Chicken Pie Height and added a double pointed clip art arrow. I printed it on an Inkjet Clear Label and affixed it to some soft green graph paper, then set my handsome Llama Brad just above the arrow. (BTW, I've saved this little bit of word art as a jpg in case you'd like to make your own "llama'stay" card. You can right click and save the image below; it will also be on our Freebies Page!)

I made a split background by neatly lining up Llama Tape on the top half of my card panel and Purple Checked Tape on the bottom. I added a trimmed down strip of Caution Tape on the diagonal for maximum impact. Then attached the sentiment panel on top. And that's about it!

Just a reminder that whatever funny custom sentiment you can dream up, I'm pretty sure that Eyelet Outlet has a brad style to help you make it into a beautiful, personalized card! ♥

can never, EVER, 
resist a diabolical pun!

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