Friday, July 3, 2020

Online Dance Party!

What do you do when you have Eyelet Outlet's Computer Brads, Headphone Brads, Musical Note Brads, and a supply of Washi Tape?  Of course, it's an Online Dance Party!

Today's card is 2 of a 6 card series featuring Eyelet Outlet brads/washi and highlighting words (and/or things) that we have learned during this historical time.  Today's word is ZOOM.  I had not heard of Zoom, however, in recent weeks I experienced multiple medical appointments using ZOOM and it was great!

As you can see on the card, four youngsters have gathered on ZOOM to have a dance party.  They have their computers, headphones, and are ready to turn up the music and dance. Get ready for creating your online dance party by visiting the Eyelet Outlet site for brads, washi, and more.  Have some fun!

Happy Crafting!

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