Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Having a Ruff Day?

 If so, Eyelet Outlet Puppy Brads are guaranteed to cheer you right up! Here they've made a happy home on a pair of preprinted wordart journal cards, along with the supper bowls from our Kennel Mix, some Paw Brads, Heart Brads, and a background of adorable Paw Washi! Anodized Quicklet Eyelets add a little extra touch to the corners and (surprise!) Quicklets don't even need a setter... you can use a pen to attach them!

Not a dog person? We've also got FelinesReptilesTropical BirdsHorsesFarm AnimalsJungle CrittersFish; not to mention Lions, Tigers and Bears... plus lots more! It's a pretty safe bet you'll find your favorite pet at Eyelet Outlet!

has no pets, unless you count the chipmunk living under her deck!
(He loves the seeds the birds drop off of the feeder!)
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