Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Magic is on the Cards...

...thanks to the fab new Eyelet Outlet Wizard Set Brads, as well as the Wizard Hat and Lightning Bolt, which I (Lauren) have used on today's cards!

The Wizard Set features wands, round glasses and scarves of green and white, as well as the burgundy and mustard that I have used for "You're My Favorite Muggle". In addition to using both the Wizard Hat and (Gold) Lightning Bolt from that set (which also contains black lightning bolts as well) I've added a handsome Sketched Owl.

For the "Magical Birthday" card I've combined the hat from the Wizard Hat and Lightning Set with the wand from the Wizard Set, and added in bits of white Pearl Swirl Bling. To make the flourish fit better in the space above the "I" in "Magical", I cut the swirl apart and stuck bits of it back together a little more compactly. Because it's reallllly nice to have options, right?

I hope you're having a Magical day already, but if not, I bet a little stroll through some of the New Brad Styles in the EO Store will cheer you right up! ♥

can magically make all of your 
chocolate treats disappear!

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