Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I Did the Math

Hi!  It's Kim from Katydid Cards and today I'm sharing a cute birthday card featuring a number of Eyelet Outlet products on a clever card design called the "impossible card".  It would have been impossible for me to figure out how to do this without a video tutorial, I can tell you that!

So, back to the card.  First I used the Colored Math Washi Tape to cover the panels which are then matted on black before attaching to the card base.  Then I used the Hardwood Floor Washi Tape to frame the chalkboard.   And finally, I used the Chalk Board Washi Tape for the board itself.  These are three of my favorite washi tapes as they are so versatile!

To write on the board, I used a chalk pen as the washi really does act like a chalkboard.  To give it an "authentic" look, I also dusted it with embossing powder so it would appear as if it had been erased.  The finishing touch for the board is the Apple Brad.

Here's a picture of the side so you can see the clever design while I share that I also made a tray for the chalk and eraser I cut by covering a thin piece of cardstock with the Hardwood washi and then adding mounting tape to the back before attaching to give it dimension.

I also cut a thin strip of the Chalk Board washi and ran it across the strip on the bottom front of the card and then added Green Jewel Strip over that.

And here's the back of the card.  I admit, this sentiment is not for everyone but I have lots of friends who share my dry sense of humor!

Last week I totally forgot to share my Eyelet Post on my blog.  If you follow Eyelet Outlet's blog you already saw this; but just in case, here it is:

Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!

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