Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Here's the Scoop

 The newest Eyelet Outlet brad style is pretty sweet: who can resist Ice Cream Brads? Certainly not me (Lauren) so I thought I'd celebrate by making a card.

There are three "flavors" in each packet: strawberry and chocolate, vanilla and chocolate, plus strawberry and vanilla. But I found it much too hard to choose, and since they're totally free of sugar, fat and calories, I adorned my oversized sentiment with one of each. I scattered a few white Heart Brads around as well and matted my panel on some Glitter Pink Design Tape.

Whether you are (like me!) a total Sweet Tooth, or prefer something a bit more savory, there are Eyelet Outlet Food Brads for literally EVERY taste!

Lauren Bergold

confesses that she doesn't love

strawberry ice cream irl,

but it's her favorite flavor to design 

with since it's PINK!

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