Sunday, September 13, 2020

Roll Crab Tide!

 I apologize to any Alabama fans who may have been attracted to this post because of the Roll Tide title but hopefully you'll forgive me!

This card features one of the awesome crabs from the Crab and Lobster brad set. I've had a lot of fun creating cards using these little fellas and this once is no exception!

I found this scene as a print then cut on Cricut Design Space. I added the joke sentiment and transformed the altered scene to a new print then cut design. After this was printed and cut, I added the seagulls and the crab. The motion line for the crab was inked using a fine line black pen after it was printed. 

I hope you enjoyed this little jokester of a card. Don't forget to stop by the store and pick up your own Crab and Lobster set for you card making fun!

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