Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Over the Rainbow

It's the second week of my (Lauren'sEyelet Outlet Rainbow Brad project, and this time we're embracing all things Brown, Yellow, Purple and Black!

The brads for each color are as follows:

BROWN: A Compass, a Lion from the Lion, Tiger, Zebra set hanging out with a Monkey and Giraffe from the Jungle Mix, the Doghouse from our Kennel Mix, plus a few sweet Puppy Brads, a Sandcastle and Shell Corner, a vintage Fan from the Telephone and Fan set and a pair of Champagne flutes from the Wedding set. Two strips of Wood Washi and a Skinny Glitter Tape in dark copper.

YELLOW: A background strip of Tape Measure Washi and Chicken Tape holds Work Trucks, Tissues from the TP & Tissues set, a School Bus, the Sun from our Sun and Cloud Brads, a happy little Chick, a Birthday Candle, a Party Hat and finally a Sunflower.

PURPLE: Unicorns from the Unicorn and Rainbow set, some Butterflies and a Mini ButterflyGrape Brads and a glass of Red from the Wine set, a Fairy Brad and some Water Lillies from the Frog set. The washi selection is Purple Check Tape, plus purple glitter from the Skinny Glitter Tape set and purple flowers from the Skinny Foil Tape set.

BLACK: Our adorable Sushi Washi is flanked by Black and White Check Tape, over which we have a Zebra from the second Jungle Mix, an old-school TelephoneEye Glass and Sunglass BradsMusic Notes, a Graduation HatVideo Games and a handsome Spider.

And here's a snap of how our extended rainbow is shaping up so far:

Next week I'll be back to finish up with the good old Red, White and Blue! Until then, brads and tapes of every conceivable color, shape and style can be found in the Eyelet Outlet Store.

enjoys channeling her
inner Richard Scarry! 

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