Wednesday, June 1, 2022

It's an EO Rainbow

Would this be a good time for some Eyelet Outlet Brads, arranged by color? If so, here are some fab brads that are Pink, Green, Grey and Orange; and there's some coordinating EO Washi Tape, as well.

The brads on each of my 5 x 3.5" cards are as follows:

PINK: A Tiara from the Crown and Tiara set, a Flamingo, a Colored Daisy, an Easter Egg, some Flip Flops, two happy porkers from the Pig and Sheep set, a Heart Brad and a Cupcake Swirl; plus a bit of Unicorn Tape and Pink Dots Washi.

GREEN: There's a lovely base of a newer wide Grass Washi, on which we have a Frog and some Cat Tails from the Frog Set, a Tractor Brad, a Chameleon from the Reptiles set, some Beer, green Thread, and a pair of lovely Summer Trees.

GREY: A Dress Form, some Scissors (because silver counts as grey in the Laurniverse!), a Ring from the Wedding set, some Pipes, an Elephant from the Jungle Mix, a Laptop from the Computer and Headphones set, a Saw from the Saw and Toolbox set, a Wrench from our Tool Brads and a handsome Sketched Owl; with Road Tape and Silver Star Glitter Washi.

ORANGE: Ticket Washi and Orange Fan Tape make a base for: a handsome Ginger Cat from the Feline Brads, a Dinosaur, a Ticket from the Popcorn and Ticket set, Tigers from the second Jungle MixLeaf and Mini Leaf Brads, a Witch Hat, a Pumpkin and some yummy Candy Corn.

Stay tuned for four more awesome colors next week. In the meantime, all of these and MANY more are available in the Eyelet Outlet Online Store, or can be found in a trade show booth coming somewhere near you this summer! Complete list of dates and venues can be found HERE!

favorite color is RAINBOW! 

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