Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wildlife Winterscapes

Maybe the most fun you can have with our Eyelet Outlet Wildlife Brads is to build little scenes for them to inhabit. This trio of A1 cards all have stamped trees and sponged skies, with Sun and Cloud Brads to light the way and a flurry of Snowflake Sequins to set the season. Pine Tree Brads and Snowy Pines add to the foliage, then the critters arrive: a Prancing Deer, a handsome Moose, plus mama and baby Bear Brads. Two washi tape mats, of Glitter Blue Tape and Wide Wood Washi frame the designs.

There are Eyelet Outlet Animals for every taste, including Dinosaurs, Farm Animals, Reptiles, Cats and Dogs, Fish and Crustaceans, Jungle Animals, Birds, Bugs and Critters of all kinds! 

believes that the best-fed squirrels, doves, bunnies and birds of 
all types can be found directly below her backyard feeder!

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