Saturday, February 17, 2024

Ring Around the Rosettes

This week's creation is different than anything I've made in the past. I wanted to make some cards, but I wanted them to be different. It just so happened that I got some extra fabric from a friend yesterday and decided to incorporate the different fabrics into my cards while using Eyelet Outlet’s embellishments to enhance them. 

I created six different rosettes out of the different fabrics and added matching bling or matching brads to the center of each rosette. From there, I was able to go in any direction I wanted as far on how to use the rosettes.

I started with the cards…one card is based around the Colored Daisy brads with a sunny yellow daisy in the middle of the rosette, a pink daisy around the sentiment, Gold Glitter Washi tape and two Yellow Stippled Jewel Brads in the corners. 

The second card is a basic black and white card that is embellished with many Black Stippled Jewel Blings, some corners off of the Black Swirl Bling and a large Black faceted Jewel Bling in the center of the rosette. 

The third card I created is a fun, everyday card with the rosette being made from fabric that had a farm theme.  

I had to add the bright red Truck Brad to the middle. They just looked like they were made to go together. Eyelet Outlet has some many cute choices, you will find something that will match whatever theme you are going for. 

On the outside of the card are several Black Stippled Jewel Bling as well as Black and Orange Bling. These cards are just so cute and so fun, and I cannot wait to send them to a friend.

With the other rosettes I made, I turned them into hair barrettes by gluing a basic hair clip to the back of each rosette. 

I do not know which one is my favorite between the Tropical Bird rosette ...

or the vintage country style fabric with the Jeans and T-shirt Brad

They are both adorable and would look beyond cute in any little girl's hair. 

Eyelet Outlets embellishments always jazz up your creations but as you can see here, they can also be the center of your creations without being overstated. LOVE.


Have a wonderful week and always be STRATE-UP CRAFTY!


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