Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bon Voyage, In My Dreams...

I (Lauren) have mentioned before that I've always dreamt of going to Paris. So far I've only seen it via film, television, and vintage books, but I never get tired of those! Here's a card with a world travel theme, a nostalgic vibe, and some Autumnal color... which seems like a nice fit for a Sunday in October, don't you think? 

Eyelet Outlet has sooooooo many lovely travel-themed items, it's hard to choose just a few, so I didn't, lol! The Eiffel Tower Brads, are obviously a big fave of mine, though, and I knew one of those would look awfully cool on top of the Wide Travel Washi, so I started there. I applied a strip of the tape neatly to a piece of white cardstock, then I lined up a couple of strips of Heart Tape, and one of Gold Script Tape, above and below the wider tape, so that I had a little "collage" tall enough to fit my title. I neatly traced around the chipboard letters I wanted to use with a permanent marker, taking care to place each character at the same level, so the patterns would line up horizontally. Then I used a craft knife on the centers of the b and o, and trimmed the rest with scissors.

The sparkly letters are diecut from a few strips of Glitter Copper Tape stuck to scrap cardstock. I've mounted them against a strip of Gold Script Tape and Skinny Hearts Washi applied to my card background, which is trimmed from the "Index of Principal Cities" from a vintage atlas. Et voila... a diecut butterfly and some swirly machine stitching complete the design.

I hope that your travels this week will include a trip to your craft room. If you need more inspiration, check back here each day... because my fellow designers ALWAYS have something amazing to share with you, mes amies

has thoroughly prepared for Parisian adventures by collecting art supplies with the Eiffel tower on and reading the Maigret books. Ninety percent of her French vocabulary is food-related. 

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  1. Wow ... using tape to cover chipboard letters ... pure magic.