Thursday, June 22, 2017

Oh Those Flamingos!

Happy Thursday Everyone!  Eyelet Outlet's new Flamingo Brads evoked a real nostalgic feeling in me and so today I'm bringing you two projects I created with them that will take you back in time!

They say everything old becomes new again and that sure seems to be the case with the reemerging popularity of Airstreams trailers and yard flamingos!  I loved creating this card with a vintage Airstream surrounded by a flock of Eyelet Outlet's brand new Flamingo Brads!

My camper is an image from Cricut's Campin' Critters.  Cutting one of the layers in a shiny corrugated card stock really added to the vintage feel of my trailer!  The grill image is from Cricut's Summer Love cartridge.  A little underscoring with a strip of our Pink Jewel Bling completes my project perfectly!

The moment I laid eyes on these awesome Pink Flamingo Brads, I was taken back in time to my grandma's yard in the early 1960's and I knew I had to create this scrapbook page with this black & white photo of me in 1963 loving her yard flamingos!  Even though this photo is black & white, I've always seen it in color in my mind's eye and now with these wonderful Pink Flamingo Brads accentuating it, everyone will see what I saw!


I did my title in white with a black shadow layer and then as the eye moves down the page everything begins to explode with color.  The actual photograph was probably taken with a camera that looks a lot like our Eyelet Outlet Camera Brad.  The Eyelet Outlet Pink Swirl Bling looks awesome on the black & white photo and the Pink Flamingo Brad just pops there among the black and white ones in the picture!  


Thanks so much for stopping by today and taking a trip down Memory Lane with me!