Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Washi Tape Envelopes

Washi Tape is a fun and easy way to decorate the envelopes for your cards. 

I buy an assortment of envelopes from everywhere from discount stores to the local printing business.  I love fun colors, but you can make them even more fun with some Washi Tape.

For the tan envelope, I just wrapped the Wide Pineapple Washi Tape around the bottom of the envelope.  If you're going to mail these, make sure you wrap in the direction that the auto-feeder will be least likely to catch your edge and don't finish on the edge that goes first into the feeder.

For the navy envelopes, I folded the Copper Dots Foil Washi Tape (it looks so elegant with navy) in half around all of the edges and then trimmed each end.  When you do the flap, you just need to trim rather than fold, so you don't cover up the adhesive.  

One trick I learned with the more solid washi tapes is to tear the piece of tape and place it adhesive-side-up, so you can center it more easily for folding around the edges.  With the more translucent tapes it's easier to see the envelope edge.

Another trick I use with washi tape, is always to burnish with my Teflon bone folder after adhering to get a really solid adhesion.

For the yellow envelope, I thought it looked awesome wrapped with a few strips of the Wine Washi Tape.

And I love the look of the orange envelope wrapped (folded in half like the navy one) with the Wide Floral Washi Tape.

Go look through your Washi Tape collection and see what fun color & pattern combinations you can make.

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  1. What a fun way to use the washi tape. Thanks for the tip on burnishing it with the bone folder.

  2. Wow, I love this idea. I didn't think the washi would hold up in the mail, but if the Queen of Washi says it's okay, then I'm going to start doing this right away! Thanks for the tips on how to make sure it'll hold tight!

  3. ohhhhhh that's clever and so cool! <3

  4. Love your ideas for putting Washi tape on envelopes !and guarantee I will give it a try
    I worked at the USPS for 35+ years so just wanted to point out there really is no way to judge which way the envelope will go through the machinery because it can read both front or back - even upside down. The only envelopes that it cannot read are square ones which is why they cost more to mail (all read and sorted by hand). That being said...I would say whatever you are doing is absolutely working so keep on doing it! I would also have to agree using a bone folder would be a good idea...for all envelopes with Washi tape added.