Saturday, February 2, 2019

Sweet Sweet Wishes!

I will admit it. I have a sweet tooth. I absolutely love donuts! Cookies! Cupcakes! Yum! Yum! And of course a good cup of coffee (or glass of milk) tastes really good with those sweets!

Soooo... maybe it's my sweet tooth talking, but I immediately fell in love with the Pink Foil Sweet Washi Tape at Eyelet Outlet! I received it this week along with 20+ other rolls of Washi Tape and some brads too. Oh how I love being on the Eyelet Outlet design team! 

Of course I had to play with the new Washi Tape... because I love Washi Tape as much - maybe even more - than I love sweets!

Eyelet Outlet Products:

Now, let's head to the local donut shop and have a donut together, what do you say? They'll have free wifi there so while we hang out, we can take a peek at the Eyelet Outlet store and see what other goodies we find that we might "need" to get.

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