Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tool Themed Waterfall Card Kit

Hi folks!  It's Kim from Katydid Cards sharing some news with you.

When crafters visit the Eyelet Outlet booth at craft expos, they often ask how a card was made as they want to duplicate it.  Well, we heard you.  Eyelet Outlet now has kits for selected cards!   

They will be making their debut in limited quantities at the Texas Scrapbook Show, February 22-23.

Here’s a look at the first of the three kits. Stay tuned for posts about the two additional card kits in the weeks that follow.

In addition to the kit tutorial, here's a more in-depth description with step by step pictures.

My first step was to cover the 4” x 5 ¼” white panel with washi tape.  The orientation of the card determines where the holes are; they will be at the bottom of the panel for the vertical cards and to the right for the horizontal card.  

I folded the excess washi tape over the edges of the panel or trimmed the excess off the top/bottom with scissors.  

I ran a bone folder over the front of the panel and the flaps on the back to ensure good adhesion.

I poked the tip of a stylus from the front through the two holes in the panel.  You can use the tip of a pencil or something similar.  

I attached the washi covered panel with adhesive to the card front making sure to align the holes.  You can use any sort of adhesive you prefer, liquid or tape runner. I happen to like Art Glitter Glue, a clear-drying liquid adhesive.

Next, I inserted the hammer and wrench Tool Brads, the Saw Brad and Tool Box & Nail Brads (or Band-aid Brad) on the four white 1 3/8” squares.  I used a paper piercing mat below the squares and a paper piercer to make the holes and then inserted the brad.  

After it’s inserted, I flip to the back of the square to flatten the prongs.  I use the flat end of one of my craft tools to do this.

After I attached the brads, I decided the squares would look nicer covered with washi tape, so I took them apart and covered them.  That’s how they will appear in the rest of the tutorial.
Each of the squares was then attached the 1 ½” colored cardstock mats.

Now to the waterfall mechanism.  I folded the horizontal tab portion of the mechanism (with the holes) back on itself so that it is behind the vertical portion.  Some of the folding has already been done for you.

I applied adhesive on the center back between the two to secure.  I was careful not to extend beyond that small area with my adhesive.

Each of the remaining score lines was folded in a mountain fold (upside down V like a mountain peak). 

At the top score, I folded it back against the front.  The section with the single hole will extend below and behind the horizontal portion.  Like this:

When attaching the matted squares, I started at the bottom.  I applied adhesive to the entire back of the square and aligned with the lowest scoreline.  

Next, I applied adhesive to the mechanism between the top of the first matted square and the next score line and attached the second matted square, aligned to the next score line. 

I followed this procedure for the third and fourth matted squares.  

The pull tab was attached next.  I folded on the score line and attach with a Screw Brad and inserted it through the hole on the bottom of the mechanism.  I flipped the mechanism over and flatten the prongs.  On the finished card, I wrote the word “pull” on the tab.

I attached the waterfall mechanism to the card front with ONLY the two Screw Brads, inserted through the holes in the front of the card.   You don’t want any other adhesive on this as it would impede the movement of the waterfall.   

The kits contain an assortment of large and small, flat and Phillips screw heads.  You need only to be sure to match the two brads attaching the mechanism to the card base.

As I pulled the tab on the waterfall, I felt the back section was too plain, so I added more washi tape there as well.  Here’s what it looked like before the washi.

I think it looks better with that additional bit of embellishment.

I added some washi tape to the appropriate sentiment for the card.  This dresses up the inside and ties it together nicely with the front.

With my left-over washi tape, I took a minute to decorate the envelope flap.

Here's a picture of the other two cards in the kit.  Each is slightly different for variety.

On this card, a Band-aid Brad is used in place of the toolbox.  So appropriate for a weekend warrior card, don't you think?

On this card, I cut a few images from the washi tape to embellish the four white panels.

This card was cut using a pattern purchased from Lori Whitlock. If you still have questions about how to assemble this card, you can check out her how-to video here.

I hope you like this kit. We look forward to sharing the others with you soon.

 Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!

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