Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hippo Get Well Card Kit

Hi, it's Kim from Katydid Cards and today I'm sharing the Hippo Get Well Card Kit, the second of three kits Eyelet Outlet will have available at trade shows.  If you missed last week's post, be sure to check it out.  This kit includes cards in three colors.  Here's a look at them:

A tutorial is provided with the kits, but here's a more in-depth explanation of how the cards go together, with step by step pictures.

Start by making the bed/card base:

Cover the white bed panels (headboard, footboard & 2 sides) with your favorite Washi Tape.

Fold the excess washi tape over the sides or trim with scissors. Take a moment to burnish the washi tape onto the panels using a bone folder or your thumb.  Set aside for now.

Attach base flap A to base B, making sure the A flap is underneath B. Be careful to line the score with the edge of the card.  This will ensure the card will lie flat for mailing.
                                                                                                       A                                                                      B

Attach bed panels to the bed frame/card base.  Here's a diagram as well as pictures for you to follow in placing the inside and outside panels.



Attach the arched strip to the top of the bed and attach Pearl Bling Strip to it. We used 29 pearls.

Attach the Get Well Soon heart to the footboard and outline it with Pearl Bling Strip. We used 48 pearls.  Note: Trim the strip as necessary to make sharp turns.

Fold the bed frame card base on all score lines and burnish them with a bone folder or your thumb.

Attach flap C to base D, making sure the flap is to the inside of the card being careful to line the score with the edge of the card.  You can refer to the diagram above for additional identification of the flaps.

After you’ve assembled the bed frame, fold it to the left and then to the right to make sure it lies flat.

Next, you'll assemble the hippo:

Place the black rectangle behind the hippo’s face so that it covers the eye and nose openings.

Attach the pink ears as shown in the image above.

Attach the Band-Aid Brad where desired.

Turn the hippo over and flatten the prongs with a flat-edged pen or something similar.

Insert the edge of the thermometer into the hippo’s mouth on the muzzle. Apply adhesive under the thermometer to secure it.  Attach the round red dot to the end of the thermometer. The example also shows that I added small black lines with a black pen.

Attach the muzzle to the hippo’s body, lining up the nostrils.

Attach the Teddy Bear Brad to the hippo’s body then attach the hippo to insert #2

Assemble the feet, attaching the gray over the black oval.  Next, attach the 5 mm Black Pearl Bling over each toe opening

Attach the feet to insert #1

Now let’s tuck the hippo in bed:

Fold the flaps of insert #1 forward and apply adhesive to the back of each flap.

Attach insert #1 to the inside of the bed frame up against the front and aligned with the top sides. Note: I suggest you test fit it without adhesive first just to discover the easiest way for you to attach it without getting adhesive where you don’t want it.

Fold the card to the left and then to the right as shown above to make sure it lies flat.

Fold the flaps of insert #2 forward and apply adhesive to the back of each flap and attach insert #2 up against the back of insert #1 and aligned with the top.  I failed to take pictures of attaching insert #2, but here's a shot of both inserts inside the bed.

Again, fold the card to the left and then to the right for one last check.

With your left-over Washi Tape, why not take a moment to decorate the envelope flap.

And I'll leave you with an individual picture of each card in the kit.  What color do you like best?

Next week, I'll share the final kit, so please come back and visit.

 Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!

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