Saturday, February 9, 2019

Farmyard Animals on a Sunny Day

My grandparents were farmers and I have many fond memories of spending time with them on the farm. They were a small operation that did not specialize in one thing. No, they had cows (milk cows and beef), hogs, chickens, and a even some cats and dogs. My sister's horse was kept at their farm, too. It was quite the menagerie and that's part of what made it so fun to spend time there.

I've tried to recapture those memories with the card I created for today's blog post.

Eyelet Outlet Brads:

I used Washi Tape from Eyelet Outlet to create the blue sky and green grass in the background of my card. Eyelet Outlet has an amazing variety of Washi Tape and its potential is only limited by our ability to think outside the box. I'd suggest you look at the Washi Tape in the Eyelet Outlet store with new eyes - thinking of ways you can use it creatively.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

Let me leave you with one word of Barnyard advice that my grandfather often told me - 

Watch where you step!

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