Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Chick or Treat

Everyone wants to meet some cute chicks, especially at Eastertime, right? So I (Lauren) am happy to introduce you to our brand new, totally adorable, Eyelet Outlet Chick Brads!

I can never resist a diabolical pun, so as soon as I paired the Chicks with the Colored Eggs I knew what the sentiment had to be! I also added a plain white Egg Brad to which I gave a substantial "crack" with permanent marker, a Mini Stitched Flower Brad and a Heart Enamel. To make a fun coordinating background I neatly lined up strips of Pink and Green ZigZag Tape on some plain white cardstock, then trimmed it to size like any other patterned paper.

Of course, not everyone celebrates Easter, but that doesn't mean they have to miss out on colorful cardmaking fun. For my second card I added more Chicks and Colored Eggs to a journal card with the perfect sentiment, and to turn it into a little scene I punched some grass and affixed Sun and Cloud Brads to the top corner. A small Pink Pearl to dot the "i" finishes the whole thing off nicely.

No matter what holidays you're looking forward to this Spring, I bet Eyelet Outlet has Brads and Tape that will help make your cards EGG-stra special! :)

can literally NEVER 
resist a diabolical pun!

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