Monday, February 3, 2020

A trio of cards

Look who has popped up on our radar!
Jeanette, of Cre8tive Play, with a trio of cards!

The above card is a great way to use our washi tape.
The large panel on top is a great canvas for our decorative brads!

Spring is just around the corner...
so feel free to show a little warmth with these Puppy and Blue Bird brads!
The washi tape makes as great ground line.
Plus, our enamel dots come in various sheens: shiny, glitter, mat!

Just love how she pairs the Bear and Poloar Bear brads together in this
card with a fun sentiment!  The snowflake brads make a great addition to the decorative paper.
Enamel hearts...always in style!

So glad to see that our products being used out there!
If you like to craft with our embellishments, please tag us on social media and you just might find your creations on our blog too!

1 comment:

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