Thursday, February 6, 2020

Juggling It All

Today's make is a tribute to my amazing daughters who manage their busy lives like professional jugglers!

I chose a juggling animal (in high heels no less!) from Cricut's Birthday Bash image set, but instead of balls, I substituted several different Eyelet Outlet brads to represent just a few of the things these two gals successfully juggle in their daily lives, from diapers to dinner and everything in between!

It was honestly hard to narrow down the brads to use in this card, because there are so many in the Eyelet Outlet store that would have been perfect, but for the sake of space, I decided on the diaper pin, books, soccer ball, vacuum cleaner and saucepan.  I substituted the original party hat on the image with an Eyelet Outlet party hat and used our enamel dots for buttons.

Tell someone you love that's juggling it all how much you admire them today!  

1 comment:

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