Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cute as a Bug

Happy Thursday, crafters!  Today I have a couple of cards that are cute as a bug!  It was hard to decide between Eyelet Outlet's mini ladybug brads and the mini ant brads, so problem solved!  I made two cards!

The magnifying glass is from Cricut's Classroom Icons image set.  I just love the little chubby fingers on this hand image which is from A Child's Year image set.  The smiling ladybug and wide eyed ant images are Miss Kate's Cuttable images and available in the Cricut image library. I used foil iron-on and my Cricut Easy Press for the sentiment.  I've really been having fun lately using iron-on materials on card stock!  

I love the way the mini ant brad and mini ladybug brad look under the magnifying glass, don't you?  I embellished the smiling ladybug with Eyelet Outlet heart brads on her antennas and I used Eyelet Outlet eye brads on my big-eyed ant.  Those eyes really popped!!  He's holding an Eyelet Outlet enamel heart in his hands, too.

See all the Eyelet Outlet Bugs & Critters at!  Until next week, happy Valentine's Day!

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