Thursday, February 20, 2020

Happy Easter

It's a wet and chilly day here in Central Texas, but Spring is in the air at Eyelet Outlet!  We have some of the prettiest Spring washi tapes and fabulous Spring themed brads you will find anywhere and today I'll be showing you just a few.

I started out with this cute "Easter" border from Cricut's "Celebrate All Year Long," image set, not really knowing what I'd use as a background paper.  I tried a number of different colors and patterns, but then I spied this gorgeous wide floral washi tape on my craft table and knew it would be perfect peeking out from behind the Easter eggs.

What's Easter without some chocolate bunnies?  Our little chocolate bunny brads are so cute alongside our Easter egg brads, don't you think?

See you next week!  Until then, keep on crafting!

1 comment:

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