Friday, February 21, 2020

Hi There!

Today's card entitled "Hi There!" is a reminder that Spring is coming soon!  Although Easter is seven weeks away, it's time to get those Easter cards ready.  Here's an Easter shaker card featuring Eyelet Outlet chick brads that's fun and interactive.

This week I wanted to create a 'happy' card featuring the Eyelet Outlet chicks brads.  My immediate thought is a shaker card creating an interactive aspect to the card and bringing focus to these delightful chick brads.  It all starts by selecting a colorful background paper with lots of spring flowers and a bit of glitter adding a fun factor to the card.

The next step is to build the shaker and apply it to the card.  Add the chick brads and then have fun adding a variety of glittery bits such as sequins, micro beads, and larger beads in various shapes and colors that compliment the paper.

The final step is to add the gold glitter dots and an interesting sentiment.  Hmmm...are the chicks speaking to each other?  Perhaps, you decide!

Whether this card is placed in an Easter basket or mailed to family and friends, give this card a try and shake, shake, shake!

Hop on over to the Eyelet Outlet website and pick up your Easter card supplies.

Eyelet Outlet supplies used:
Chick Brads
Gold Glitter Enamel Dots

Happy Crafting!


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