Friday, May 15, 2020

It's All Abbout the Washi Tape!

Today's card isn't a card!  It's a project that's fun to make, it lets creativity shine and it's useful!  Today, it's all about the Eyelet Outlet Washi Tape, Brads, and bookmarks.


This is a fun technique of blending two coordinating (or not) Eyelet Outlet Washi Tapes and making a bookmark.  It requires a bit of creativity, a bit of measuring, and lot of fun!

In the picture above, the unicorn bookmark was made using the Eyelet Outlet Unicorn Washi Tape and the Skinny Dotted Silver Washi Tape.  Here's how it's done:
  1.  Cut a bookmark base at 2" x 5.25"
  2.  Measure down on the left side .75" and place a light pencil mark.  Do the same for the right side.
  3. At the top, measure in .75" from each side  
  4. Create the bookmark angles.  On the left side of the bookmark cut from the mark .75" down to the mark .75" across the top.  Do the same on the right side.
  5.  Select a backing paper if desired and cut larger(as desired) than the bookmark base.  Adhere the bookmark base to the backing paper.
  6.  Select two coordinating Eyelet Outlet Washi Tapes.
  7. Place the first tape at the bottom of the bookmark leaving extra on both sides (this will be taken care of later) and tear off the roll.
  8.  Add the second tape above the first tape leaving no space between them and tear off the roll.
  9.  Continue steps 7 & 8 until the bookmark is covered.
  10.  Now even the edges either by cutting them off or by folding the excess tape to the back of the bookmark (folding is easier, trust me on this one)
  11. Punch a hole at the center top of bookmark about .5" down and add string, twine or ribbon as desired.
  12.  Now decorate:  add a message with lettering, stamping, or stickers.  Be Creative!
  13.  Add a coordinating Eyelet Outlet Brad.  Both brads in the picture above are mounted on a 1"x1" square edged with one of the Eyelet Outlet Washi Tapes.  It is mounted on the bookmark with foam squares.  
This is a great project for kids 8+.  These bookmarks can be made to keep, trade with friends, or given as gifts.  Please note:  supervision is a good thing to ensure safety with the scissors and/or paper trimmer with younger children.  You may want to create the bookmark bases ahead of time and have them begin with Step 6.

Eyelet Outlet Products Used:
Unicorn Washi Tape
Skinny Dotted Silver Tape
Unicorn Brad
Classic Cards Washi Tape
Road Washi Tape
Classic Car Brad

Be safe.  Be well.  Happy Crafting!

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