Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Seriously. Very Seriously.

This is not the first time I (Lauren) have made cards based on a t-shirt slogan, and it probably won't be the last. It is, at the moment, my favorite, though. Because the combination of a funny sentiment and Eyelet Outlet Coffee Brads is kinda hard to beat.

Before I go too far, I should mention that the Spring/Summer 2020 Coffee Lovers Hop is taking place right now and you have until Friday night to join the fun. There are literally HUNDREDS of inspiring cards linked up already, and dozens of very cool prizes for lucky random coffee cardmakers to win. A slight change is that the seasonal thematic requirement has been suspended; so this time you don't need to make a summery card, just a coffee (or tea, or cocoa, or boba or matcha) card! If you visit the Coffee Lovers on FaceBook, be sure to say hi to my amazing friend Amy Tsuruta, who not only does a huge amount of the admin on these occasions, she (and quite a few of the other organizers) also comments on every single card. No kidding. EVERY card!!! She is my idol! 

On to my cards. Technically, I've really only designed ONE card, but I've made two versions. This is one of my strategies for avoiding decision paralysis, and I highly recommend it. Instead of trying to decide whether to choose one washi tape background over another, or how to arrange the Coffee Brads, I just work on both options, simultaneously. I realize it seems like that would take longer, but generally, it speeds up my process! For the first card, I neatly lined up strips of this fun new Cat Face Tape on plain white cardstock, printed my sentiment on a subtly patterned paper, and added one white cup from the Coffee Brads set in a little circle icon, plus three beans from the same set underneath.

For the second card, I used Eye Washi for the background (a tape which embodies the phrase, "death before decaf" imo!!!) and alternated white cups and beans from Coffee Brads up top, with a pattern of green Enamel Dots below.

Just in case anyone else is as silly as I am, I made the sentiment into a jpg that you can download here, or find on the Freebies Page of the Eyelet Outlet Blog.

For some reason I'm longing for another cup of coffee, so I bid you farewell for now! 

never drinks decaf!

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  1. Oh these are fantastic Lauren!
    I'm going to share in the Coffee Loving Papercrafters FB group!