Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Flock Stars!

Everyone knows that I (Lauren) cannot resist a diabolical pun, so when my friend and Eyelet Outlet Design Team Alumnus Stephanie Severin showed me a fun bird illustration with the phrase "Party Like a Flock Star" of course my first thought was, that it make a great card... especially  if Eyelet Outlet Flamingo Brads were the flock in question!

I had two different ideas for making this concept visual, so rather than spend time deciding between them, I just made both! For my first card, I used an ink-blended panel in bright sea and sky colors, and added a few torn strips of Glitter Gold Tape to be sand and a few torn strips of Cloud Tape up in the sky. I added a Sun and Cloud Brad, plus a Rainbow to the top right and my *flock* of Flamingo Brads at the lower left, with my sticker sentiment occupying the space between.

My second idea was much more minimal, so I even pared down the sentiment, making it into a thank you card instead of a birthday greeting. I blended a very small area of the same ink colors and used one of my nested star dies to draw a star just a bit bigger than a Flamingo Brad. Then I paired the smaller alphabet stickers with my trusty old school Dymo Labelmaker, and finally added a few Star Brads from the Red, White and Blue set.

I hope you'll fly on over to the Eyelet Outlet Store and treat yourself to some fun embellishments and then use them to make cards for your "flock" of friends! ♥

loves flamingos and all other
hot pink birds! :)

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