Sunday, May 23, 2021

Ahoy! Where Ye Be Sailing Friend? by Janet


Hello EO fans! Do you ever feel like you have no ideas to make cards?  Lately I've been looking over my paper collection and when I saw this on the corner of a 12 x 12 page, I thought it would be fantastic used on a card. Something great like this can speed up the creative process since the great graphic can be the focal point and it's already made. Then it's a matter of decorating it to make it special and complete. I used brads and washi tape from EO to enhance this scene. While the brad proportions are not perfect, it's close enough. It was fun to add the Ship's Wheel, Seagull and Parrot brads to this image for a super fun pirate themed card that I know many of my little cousins would get a kick out of.  

I love this fun pirate washi tape too. It was perfectly fun with this scene. It's fairly transparent so I had the idea to put it on top of the Map Washi. It's very subtle but in person the map images show through  just perfectly! I used our Gold Glitter Washi as a mat too.

So take a look at your paper collection and see what you can use to make your card making easy and quick!

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