Sunday, May 9, 2021

Dog Gone Good!


Hello EO fans! Today I'm here to show off the newest dog related brad set, Kennel Mix. This includes a dog bowl, super cute bone and a mini dog house. Just love this set as I have lots of dog related stamp sets and stickers I can use this set with.

Today, I tried my hand at water coloring a Boxer from a stamp set from Jessica Lynn Originals called Flynn's Puppies. I'm learning and trying new things and it's not the best painting job by any means but each time I use watercolor, I do a little bit better. 

While I love to use enamel dots, I do find that in certain scenes and themes, the matt finish enamel brads are so good. I love shine more than most but sometimes matt is the way to go. These come in many colors but I often find black or white are my go to colors in the matt finish. They look good on so many things. 


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