Friday, February 16, 2018

A Cat in a Jungle of Small Bushes

Cats have attitude. They can love you, and ignore you at the same time. They can decide you are their best friend and rub up against your leg while purring contentedly, or they can bear their claws while hissing. One never knows for sure what to expect with a cat.

Yes, cats definitely have attitude, 
which is why I like the saying on my card so much. 
A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.

Eyelet Outlet products that I used on this card include two Kitty Brads, three different designs of skinny Washi Tape, a bit of Green Jewel Bling Strip (which I just have to say is a REAL BARGAIN at only $1.50 for 500 jewels!).

Be sure to check out the amazing assortment of items at Eyelet Outlet soon. A lot of items are on sale, which makes it an even better place to shop.

Jeanette Cloyd
one of two designers on the Friday Eyelet Outlet blog
& blogging daily on my personal blog


  1. Such a cute idea for the kitten brads. I love how cats slink towards a toy...they look just like lions!