Monday, February 19, 2018

Game On!!

With a little time off from school and work, 
whose game systems are going non stop?

My oldest two are having a kick back to a Just Dance Wii game.
It's rather sweet to watch these two, who are almost done with high school,
shake it down to hits from years past...
with a move or two.

Eyelet Outlet has a gamer move or two with Video Game brads and large enamel dots.
Show your love with a little Heart Jewel Bling.

Glitter washi tape bring a pop of color to any gamer's video dungeon!
The matte enamel brads add an interesting contrast to the glitter of the washi.

I hope you have a very pleasant President's Day holiday here in the US...
and at work/school around the globe.

DawnMercedes, of Sunnyside Up


  1. Great use of the "gamer brads" and the enamel dots. Can't go wrong with glitter washi tape either.

  2. OK so now I might have to order those Gamer Brads... :)

  3. Even non-gamers would love these cards...and I would know!