Sunday, February 7, 2021


Ever since I got the new Eyelet Outlet Toilet Paper and Tissue Brad set, I have been humming this old Lionel Richie tune to myself. I finally turned it into a card for you today. 

As usual, EO has the perfect brads for this card including the Music Note Brads. The notes work so well on many cards. I'm constantly use them!

The window flap on this is easy to make yourself. You do this by aligning your top die cut plate to end on the die where you want the cut to stop. There's no pressure on the die once it is rolled to that area and the cut ends. If you've not heard of this before it's called partial die cutting. There are many videos you can find on YouTube showing this if you search for that term. 

I hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday! 

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