Sunday, February 28, 2021

Happy Hello Wreath

Hi EO fans! Everyone loves a wreath and they are so great on cards no matter how they are made. Today I have a wreath made of dove tailed washi tapes hung on some pink and white baker's twine. 

I made this by cutting washi strips from four rolls of tape. Each strip started approximately 1 1/2" long and I cut three strips of each pattern. Then I cut a length of twine and folded each washi tape over the twine so that they became flags with a flat bottom. Once placed on the twine, I used my scissor to cut them approximately the same length with a straight bottom. Then I trimmed each end into a dovetail. I formed the flags into a circle on a 5 1/2" card base. I glued each flag in place with a dot of glue. I made a twine bow with four loops and glued it to hide where the twine ends came together at the top. To decorate my wreath, I used Snowflake Bling in green and red and used Pearl Bling in the corners of the card and one large one on top of the bow. The final step was to cut the Hello word from a die in gold foil and yellow cardstock. I shifted the two words slightly with the yellow on the back and glued them together. Then I glued the finished word across the wreath.

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